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Welcome back to School!

Classrooms are set up, the first day of school pictures have been taken and now is the perfect time to start the yearbook. If you're a first-time adviser or a veteran, below are a few tips to get you started.

Create your Committee

Ask teachers and parents to help with the yearbook. Don't feel the need to take on the whole yearbook by yourself. Create different committees to help take photos, design the book and sell it to students and families.

Get Organized

After you have created your committee, now is the time to assign user roles for who is responsible for specific pages of the book. If you have a sports-minded member, let them lay out the sporting groups. Creating your student people pages is a great task for the individual who is short of time but would still like to be a part of your team.

Create a Page Ladder

Before you start designing your yearbook, creating an outline can help make the work easier! Whether it's a traditional or chronological ladder, this will set the tone for the layout. Download our free Page Ladder or learn how to create the ladder online!

Set Sales Goals

Create your yearbook budget to know exactly how much money you need to raise. Some schools use the yearbook as a fundraiser, while others choose to pass any savings along to their families. The key is ensuring you sell enough books to pay for the order.

Pick a Theme

Selecting a yearbook theme and cover is a great way to showcase your school's spirit and give your book a cool look! Every book should have a theme. This will provide your book with creative direction. Whether you use one of ours or create your own, it will allow you to show your school's personality.

Start Selling

In today's busy world, it's best to start selling your yearbook sooner than later. We suggest starting sales at the beginning of the school year. When you use our online parent storefront, we can turn your sale on, set your price and start collecting yearbook pre-sales in a matter of minutes. This is easy to use for advisers and parents. Plus, all the money is applied to your account, and we do not charge your school or your families any transaction fees!

Promote and Sell the Yearbook

Send emails and order forms home to parents so they can pre-order the book. Set up tables at the different school events dedicated to selling the yearbook. You work really hard and spend hours creating a beautiful yearbook. Don't forget to tell everyone the book is on sale. We get many calls each year from families not realizing the book was on sale to order the book.

Take Lots of Pictures

The yearbook is the reflection of your school. All the hard work, your teachers and staff, should be reflected in this timepiece. There are many fun activities in the first month of school and throughout the whole year. Don't miss a moment.

Know your Portrait Photographer

It's best to work with a school photographer who is knowledgeable and understands that your organization is creating a yearbook. Make sure they know to create your portraits in a PSPA format. This will make flowing your people pages a snap. Your PSPA can be uploaded directly to the Remember Me Creation tool for easy portrait flowing.

Have Fun!

The yearbook is more than just an archive for the School. It's your School's story to share with the world!

Remember Me offers a wide variety of Helps and Tips on making the yearbook a fun and easy. If you would like to learn more about yearbooks, please let us know. We would love to help you and your school make a beautiful book.

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