Remember Me Yearbooks

About Us

Since 2001, Remember Me™ has helped tens of thousands of people create memories, one click at a time. As the creator of the first 100% online digital book design program, we’ve been our customers’ trusted source for high-quality, price pleasing yearbooks for over a decade.

Remember Me™ prides itself on putting user-friendly controls into our customers’ hands. Now we’re taking our online design software to the next level by offering new, contemporary, easy-to-use design software that will change the way you look at your book—and change the way you look at Remember Me™.

With plants located in Beltsville, MD, Princeton Junction, NJ and Phoenix, AZ, Remember Me prints all of its products in-house to assure superior quality and fast delivery to our customers throughout the entire U.S.

You can trust us with your yearbook! After all, we are the book people!