Remember Me Yearbooks

Parent Storefront

Remember Me makes selling your yearbook easy peasy.

How It Works:

1. Select your sale dates. Choose when you want to sell your book. We recommend starting your sale 4-8 weeks prior to your order submission date.

2. Set your price. You can price your yearbook however you want. Maybe you want to use the yearbook as a fundraiser? Or maybe you want to pass along the best possible price to the families. It's up to you!

3. Get your storefront. Fill out the agreement, and we can have your storefront live within 24 hours. Parents go to the storefront to buy their books. The money is collected for you and applied to your order when it is placed. If you are using yearbooks sales as a fundraiser, any leftover funds go straight back to your school!

4. Place the order. The Project Leader places the order on behalf of your families once the yearbook is complete. Just hit the purchase button and your yearbooks will be printed and shipped according to the plan you have chosen.