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Download this PDF to get an overview on how to develop your yearbook program. It contains all the tips and tricks you need, from what to include in your yearbook pages to finances and yearbook distribution.

Plan out your yearbook pages with our handy page ladder.

Download yearbook terminology to make creating your book easy peasy.

This handy PDF guide will plan your back to school with easy steps 1-10.

This Yearbook tips PDF is a great resource when planning your yearbook.

Learn about the different roles you can assign to your yearbook team members.

This handy PDF guide will help you get started using our designer. Learn how to upload images, flow portraits and design pages in no time.

Download how to create a yearbook with easy steps 1-10.

Watch helpful videos on how to use our designer.

View our detailed FAQs on everything from managing your project to printing a proof.

Print out order forms to distribute to students.

Learn how to sell your yearbook in a few easy steps.

This PDF guide will help you sell your yearbook with easy steps 1-10.

Print out 8.5x11 posters to hang up in your school.

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