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Portland Village School

Krista W.

Our students absolutely love their yearbooks. Thank you for producing high quality, affordable books. Thank you so much for offering your publishing service through the pandemic. Looking back and remembering the beautiful parts of this year was more important than ever. Having a yearbook to look at was one way for students to feel connection to one another, something that is very hard to accomplish with distance learning. Yearbooks are one way for students to feel a part of their school community - even with social distance in place. Yearbooks are also a historical document and students will never forget this unique and exceptionally challenging year. Thank you for your part in documenting these memories for our students!

Tohono O'odham High School

James J.

The value and the quality for the product with the extraordinary short turn-around have kept me a satisfied customer for seven years. The extra two yearbooks you included were very nice, too.

King Elementary School

Heather C.

Thank you for all of your helpful staff, affordable options and quick printing/shipping times. Our school population doesn’t have a lot of extra funds for things like yearbooks. You are the reason we can offer our students this fun school tradition of a yearbook. Thank you!

Al Behrman Elementary

Georgine E.

The quality and price of the yearbook from Remember Me Yearbooks is unbeatable! The service is amazing! We switched for 2 years but came running back to you! We will never leave again as long as the pricing and quality remain the same!

The Victor School

Margie W.

We are very happy with the quick responses, availability, and kindness of the Remember Me Staff. Even during the pandemic their responses were quick and helpful.

Garden City Elementary

Emily Hepner L.

Great company to use when creating memories for students. Staff are always there to help!

Seacoast Charter School

Ann S.

Love this company! Easy to create and always friendly customer service.

Tower-Soudan Elementary

Charissa D.

I am very thankful for the outstanding customer service I received- as I have every year that I have created a yearbook through Remember Me. It was a stressful spring as I was trying to teach my class with a “distance learning” plan- but finishing the yearbook was very important to me and the Remember Me staff made that happen- thank you